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Gift vouchers for both our store in Belturbet and also for all our therapies are now available to purchase.You can drop into the store to pich these up or with our new facility you can purchase these vouchers online by clicking the link below.

Therapy Vouchers

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Bupa Participating Practitioner
Bupa have recently decided to cover their members for some complementary therapies including Reflexology.Meridian Care staff adhere to the guidelines provided by Bupa to cover their members.As part of the Bupa Reflexologists participation program our therapists are covered to accept Bupa patients for Reflexology treatments.To find out if you are covered under your existing health care cover please visit the Bupa Ireland website or contact your Bupa branch.

Irish Reflexologists' Institute
In September Meridian Care staff became full members of the Irish Reflexologists' Institute.This is the governing body of Reflexology in Ireland.It provides information and resources for both practitioners and patients.The institute aims to:
Regulate the professional and ethical standards in the practice of Reflexology and to recognise all methods of Reflexology providing they meet the basic standards as laid down by the Institute.
To maintain a high standard of practice among its members and to promote the growth of Reflexology in Ireland.
To further the holistic approach to health.
To co-operate with and support other bodies in the field of complementary medicine.

World Animal Week.
World Animal Week runs this year from the 4th to the 9th of October. This week allows animal welfare organisations nationwide to highlight the importance of animal welfare in our society including nutritional needs. ! World Animal Week is a very special week of the year when we celebrate the part that animals play in our lives and try to show them just how much they mean to us.This is a worldwide initiative, which is run by various animal welfare groups in various countries.It takes place each year around October 4th, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, who is famous for his very special relationship with animals.

ISPCA - caring for all animalsPlease click the pic opposite to bring you to the ISPCA donation page

Weight Control.
Following our recent Detox page we have compiled a new section.This follows up the good work you have done by completing your Detox.Our Weight Control section promotes a 7 step plan to help you lose weight and slim down to a trimmer you.We do not recommend diets hence our much healthier option to control your weight.Unlike diets which you starve you to achieve your goal,with the Meridian Care 7 steps to control your weight you can actually eat more and still lose weight.People who regularly do fad diets find their weight & mood fluctuates a lot.After each subsequent diet they return or add to their original weight.Our suggestions provide a smoother transition to your ideal weight and be able to maintain it into the future without the hardships.

New Detox Page.
Following many enquiries from our patients and customers regarding what a Detox is and how to go about doing one we have launched our new Detox page.Here we try to provide some helpfull information on the benefits of detoxing the body and simple ways to go about this.Cleansing our systems makes us feel better,boosts energy,improves the condition of skin,nails,hair and the body in general.Therefore all of us can benefit from a Detox once in a while just to rejuvenate ourselves.In this section we have also reviewed some products aimed at providing a simple and effective way to Detox.

Summer and Vacation Remedies.
We have put together a detailed list of therapeutic products which may aleviate some of the hazards encountered during the summer months and vacation time.Many people suffer at these times so our team at Meridian Care have researched and tested seven remedies which are widely available and easy to use.These are Beta Carotene,Rescue Remedy,Aloe Vera,Brewer's Yeast,Milk Thistle,Acidophilus and Combudoron.Here we deal with everything from insect bites to skin problems.Poor water to excess alcohol consumption.Upset tummies to travel worries and beyond.

Health & Holistic Fair
Meridian Care staff attended the Health & Holistic Fair on the August bank holiday monday.The fair took place in the Kingston Hotel Dunlaoighre on Monday August 1st from 11am to 5pm in the Mortello suite.
We provided a range of our massage therapies on the day giving free sample treatments and also were on hand to answer any questions or give advice.

Make Poverty History
Every single day, 30,000 children are dying as a result of extreme poverty. This year, 2005, we finally have the resources, knowledge and opportunity to end this shameful situation.That's what this website is about. Join the band of people who are taking action to make poverty history. It only needs to take you a matter of minutes every month, but it will help us to literally change the world.If this is your first visit to the site these are the 3 things you should do - join us now, get a white band, & find out more.

Outhouse Demo & Sample day
Meridian Care staff attended Outhouse on Tuesday July 12th to provide demonstrations and sample therapies which we will be providing in Outhouse,situated on Capel Street Dublin.
To give you an idea of whats on offer on these days ,click on the image opposite to bring you to an explanation of some of our most popular therapies.
For more details or to make a therapy booking you can contact us at

Why FairTrade?
International trade may seem a remote issue, but when commodity prices fall dramatically it has a catastrophic impact on the lives of millions of small scale producers, forcing many into crippling debt and countless others to lose their land and their homes.
Fairtrade contributes to the alleviation of this poverty through a system of trade that allows producers in the developing world access to our markets. This alternative trade builds on the producers' skills and enables communities to play an active role in their own development, while at the same time satisfying our consumer demands.
Fairtrade "humanises" the trade process - making the producer-consumer chain as short as possible so that consumers become aware of the culture, identity and conditions in which producers live.

JFF Website Relaunch
Justice for the Forgotten was formed in January 1996 with the aim of campaigning for truth and justice for the victims of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 17 May 1974. Its membership includes the overwhelming majority of the bereaved families and many wounded survivors. In January 2001 the bereaved families and survivors of the Dublin bombings of 1 December 1972 and 20 January 1973 joined with those of 1974 and amalgamated into a united organisation demanding to know the truth as to how and why all their loved ones were cruelly murdered and so many were maimed.

Hayfever Season
Its that time of year again when the weather improves and the fields and hedgerows are blooming.While it is a beautifull sight it also is a time of suffering for many HayFever sufferers.If this is you or someone you know,our feature on some of the top homeopathic remedies will definately be of interest to you.Read on in the faq section or click the pic top bring you there.Meridian Care recommends Weleda products.

The petition has been set up by Nuria O'Mahony, a campaigner and Emergency Nurse in Cork.
Specifically, the petition calls for:
1. Full publication of clinical trial data.
2. A central position for the experience of consumers in the licensing and regulation of prescription drugs, including by taking proper account of reports of adverse reactions by consumers.
3. Regulatory authorities to be free of influence of
pharmaceutical companies and to act in the public interest.

Click the pic to go to her petition online.

Outhouse Demo & Sample day
Meridian Care staff will be attending Outhouse on Tuesday May 17th to provide demonstrations of the therapies we will be providing in Outhouse on an ongoing basis.We will also be giving sample therapies to patrons for a small donation towards the maintainence of Outhouse,which is situated on Dublin's Caple street.
We will be there from 2pm to 5pm and from 6.30pm onwards.Tuesday 17th May.
To give you an idea of whats on offer on the day ,click on the image opposite to bring you to an explanation of some of our most popular therapies.

Alzheimer Tea Party
Meridian Care hosted our fourth Alzheimer's Tea Party on Saturday 7th May in our store and clinic in Belturbet,Co.Cavan.We would like to take this oppertunity to thank everyone who participated in making this years event such a success and we hope to see you all again next year..
€810 was raised from the event.This is our highest to date and we all hope we can top this mark next year.
To find out more about the Alzheimer's Society of Ireland and how you can help them or find resources in your area please click the pic opposite to visit their website.
If you cant make it along on the day we would encourage you to make a donation on-line by clicking the link below.

World Earth Day
World Earth Day took place on the 22nd April.This year being the 35th anniversary of the founding of the organisation we at Meridian Care decided to pledge our support for this fine organisation.
This is an organisation of people worldwide with the view to protecting our planet,our children and our future.This years theme was "Protect our children and our future".
We organised a "Massage_athon" on friday 22nd April in Outhouse Caple Street Dublin.We would like to forward our thanks and a thanks on behalf of EarthDay to all those who supported the day and we look forward to doing similar events in future years.We raised $100 on the day.
We would encourage you to stay up to date on the organisation and visit their website by clicking the pic opposite.
GMO Free Ireland Launch.
Gmo Free Ireland will be launched on April 22nd which is World Earth Day.Sign the petition on their website and express your feelings on how our foods will be in the future.Without your action the Biochemical companies who dominate the market in America will soon controll our foods in Ireland and Europe.Click the link to go to the petition page of the GMO site or just visit to read more and decide for yourself how safe Genetically Modified foods are to us and future generations.

Mens Health Awareness.
In February we offered a special discount to all men who booked any of our therapies.We did this as we find many men are unaware or lazy about seeking what help there is out there.We wanted to promote a better understanding and care for their well-being.This was widely availed of but also threw up many questions relating to mens health,two area of concern of most interest were the Prostate Gland and its care and also Erectile Dysfunction.As a result we have reviewed two products of great interest in these areas.These being Damiana Leaf and Saw Palmetto.Both of which relate to the prostate and surrounding organs and functionallity.To read these reviews click the link opposite.

Meridian Care Valentines Special.
We are offering €10 discount on all our therapies for this week only.Offer ends Tuesday 15th February.You have no excuse to forget the date and for those of you who do ,we have extended our offer until the day after giving you the chance to get out of the doghouse.Take this oppertunity to treat that someone special to a pampering or therapeutic massage or simply treat yourself.Check our therapies on offer.

IAHS Website Launch
This website is provided for those seeking information on natural health care, details of their nearest health store, information on our Association, and what we stand for.Over the coming months, you will be able to access articles on natural healthcare, and updates on legislation, submitted by IAHS members (Ireland's experts in natural healthcare). This service is provided to you for FREE and is here to help you, your family and friends to enjoy a happy and healthy life!
By consulting our member list, you can simply click on your county in Ireland to find your nearest IAHS health store.
The members of the IAHS represent Ireland's leading health stores and their Code of Ethics ensures their staff are trained to offer professional guidance and advice.

Chinese New Year Special:

As the Chinese new year starts on February 9th hailing in the start of the year of the Rooster.Meridian Care are offering a special discount for the entire month of February.All Chinese Massage bookings receive a €10 discount.Start off the real new year with a treat for yourself or let it be the first step to a healthier 2005.

Want to find out more about Chinese Massage and Tui Na click on the Chinese Symbol:



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