What is a Detox?

When should I do a Detox?

What are the benefits of a Detox?

What products or foods do you recommend to take in a Detox?

Pureplan Detox Reviewed.

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What is a DETOX?
A Detox can come in many forms from hi-tech to natural, vitamin enriched to the downright scary .All of these however have the same ultimate goals of achieving a healthier body, mind and soul as well as to cleanse the body of both self induced toxins and those of which we have no control over. Everything that is taken into the body has its effect in one way or another, some good but on the other hand some bad .The accumulation of these over a period of time can damage your health severely and inevitably impinge on your quality of life whether in the short or long term .It is these negative elements which a detox aims to expel or at least reduce. People more and more value their quality of life above all else and thus are beginning to pay attention to their health. Here is where the detox has become very fashionable as it does not mean you have to give up the pleasures you have become accustomed to but rather refrain or reduce consumption over a period from a few days to a couple of weeks .Not too much to ask even from the most ardent party and social animal.
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When should I do a Detox?
When considering a detox always think of the timing of it. In other words do not undertake a detox during times of great stress, upheaval or change as you are unlikely to be able to stick to your plans despite your best intentions. Think about the form of detox you intend to undergo and bear in mind your limitations. It is better to start at a very basic level and choose elements you know you should be able to adhere to at a later date you can build up your program for a future detox. There is no point aiming too high for a first attempt only to realise shortly into it that you simply can’t stick to the principles of the detox. Avoid harsh detox programs as they will be very hard to stick to and can have some very uncomfortable side effects such as headaches, which may put you off continuing. Some of the other negative effects you may experience are spots, acne, bad breath or tiredness. Don’t let these dishearten you though as they are generally mild and temporary and are simply the results of the toxins being expelled from the body. Afterwards you will feel much improved and happy that you had the conviction to undertake your detox. Try to avoid or at very least reduce your intake of tea and coffee. Alcohol and Nicotine should be avoided as much as possible. Foods high in sugar content, heavy starch foods and dairy products should be minimised. All of these elements impede the good work you are trying to do in your detox and slow the body’s functions down allowing toxin build up to continue. Remember to take a detox suitable to your lifestyle, at an appropriate time and bear with it.
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What are the benefits of a Detox?
The benefits of a detox can be vast and numerous .It is all dependent on your willpower, attitude and determination to succeed .The more effort you put into your detox the more results and well-being you will achieve and see for yourself giving you the confidence to repeat a detox in the future .The best part is that you not only see the visible results but you also feel the improvements inwardly in body, mind and soul. Depending on the level and content you go for some of the results you will find are a better look and texture to your skin. Hair, nails and teeth will benefit similarly .You will find your sleep pattern improves resulting in energy levels increasing. This in turn reduces stress levels and improves mental agility, your thought process, concentration and your emotions, leaving you happier, more content and better prepared to deal with the world around you .I refrain from using the term “Harsh World” as our world is only as harsh or as smooth as we make it and by detoxing your system every once in a while you can improve your world for yourself. Finally and most importantly is that you will also be reinforcing your immune system, balancing all your internal systems from lymph drainage, respiration, kidneys, cardio vascular system to aiding digestion .All of this leaves you healthier and less susceptible to illness, disease and infection .Not to mention the fact that a detox can also help you loose some of that unwanted weight and help tone up muscle. Giving you a healthier and leaner body to feel confident about.
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What products or foods do you recommend to take in a Detox?
A beginners guide to a detox can be outlined by the use of some or all of the following:

to improve liver function cleansing the body of alcohol related toxins.

to create a smoother glowing skin condition and raise your lymph drainage.

will improve bowel and kidney drainage and aid the purification of blood.

also improve bowel functions.

will increase kidney elimination.

is a natural antiseptic, which will fight off toxins affecting skin, nails and hair.

will help when you need to turn to your bad old habits for that fix.

is a great friend to have at any time of stress. This may help you cope with a situation and not have to reach for that crutch. Handy to have at any time because you never know when a stress trigger will strike.

or an herbal tonic such as FLORADIX may be very useful if you are feeling run down, lethargic or lacking energy.

good for the body and a replacement for the sugar level stimulants such as chocolate.

DARK CHOCOLATE if you have to have chocolate. This alternative can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

as they improve skin, nail and hair condition. They also aid memory and concentration. Circulation, mobility and joint action all reap the rewards as well.

is vital in a detox. 70% of the body consists of water and this needs to be regularly replenished. Even the slightest reduction leads to less muscular strength. Kidneys, digestion and skin all suffer if there is a lack of water consumption. You should drink at least one to two litres of water a day not including that taken in tea or coffee etc.

will help you cope with stress during this time, enabling you to feel at ease and confident in yourself whether it be Reflexology, Aromatherapy or any other form of massage. These too will assist the body with lymph drainage, expelling toxins and improving circulation.

will have a similar benefit at detox time or indeed any time.
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Pureplan Detox Reviewed
Pureplan is one of the easiest ways of doing a detox.
Simply add 10mls of pureplan liquid to 1 litre of distilled or mineral water. Mix this by shaking in a bottle and this is now your dosage for the day. You can drink this mixture throughout the course of the day in sips or at set intervals depending on your choice.
The Pure Plan 10 day detox plan should normally be taken four times a year (it is not advisable to exceed 6 detox programmes in any one year).
Pure Plan necessitates drinking at least one litre of water per day. Avoid sugary and fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol and increase intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Otherwise you can eat as normal meaning it is one of the easier detox plans to adhere to, which in turn means you are more likely to complete it as opposed to many of the other more harsh regimes.
Pureplan is designed to eliminate toxins and waste build up in the body which leave the body sluggish, uncomfortable and unhealthy or performing to its optimum levels. It contains carefully selected herbs to aid cleansing and detoxification of the body. Ingredients include Birch, Meadowsweet, Artichoke, Dandelion, Burdock, Wild Pansy, Fennel, Fucus, Tamarind Pulp and Prune Juice. These all assist the body’s own elimination channels and work together to achieve a better balanced system promoting the workings of Intestines, Liver, Lymphatic System, Skin, Lungs, Kidneys and Spleen.
Suitable for vegetarians, gluten free diets and lactose free diets.
Not suitable for pregnant women or diabetics.
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