Mens Health:Prostate trouble:SAW PALMETTO
Saw palmetto is a low-growing small palm tree with fanlike, fingery fronds and small berry-shaped fruits. It is native to and grows naturally only in Florida and surronuding areas. Native Americans, such as Seminole Indians recognized saw palmetto fruits as a food despite their pungent taste, and also as a medicine.They prepared infusions of Saw palmetto berries to treat stomachache and dysentery, and used the fruit for diuretic and sexual tonic.
The fruits and seeds are rich in oils containing triacylglycerol. Saw palmetto has been reported to contain diuretic, urinary antiseptic, and anabolic properties.
Saw Palmetto is used mainly in the treatment of two disorders.
Nocturia,which is the uncomfortable situation of having to get up during the night to pass water.This can be very debilitating resulting in disruptive sleep patterns and lethargy.When the prostate is swollen the bladder cannot be emptied fully due to this restriction in the urinary tract.Saw Palmetto helps reduce this swelling enabling a free flow once again.This means you will be able to empty the bladder better and reduce the feeling of needing to go again or that you are not fully finished.It is a very effective herb in the treatment of all prostate ailments.
This herb can also help with erectile dysfunction caused by prostate trouble as it reduces swelling in the prostate once again enabling free flow of blood to the affected parts.
It may also help with Alopecia or hair loss but further research is ongoing on this subject.
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Mens Health:Erectil Dysfunction:DAMIANA
Damiana is a small shrub with yellow flowers which produces small fruits similar in shape to figs The medicinal part of the plant is its leaves, which are harvested during the flowering season. Damiana is found throughout Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies, as well as in parts of South America.
Damiana has a long history of use in traditional herbal medicine throughout the world. It is thought to act as an aphrodisiac, antidepressant, tonic, diuretic, cough-suppressant, and mild laxative. For more than a century damiana's use has been associated with improving sexual function in both males and females. Damiana is renowned for its sexual-enhancing qualities and its positive effects on the reproductive organs. Damiana has been described as the herbal Viagra.It works slightly differently though.It aids in relaxing the body and more specifically anxiety associated with pressure to perform.It also aids the prostate enabling a free flow of blood to the organ.
The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia cites indications for the use of damiana for "anxiety neurosis with a predominant sexual factor.A U.S. patent was awarded in 2002 for a combination of herbs, including damiana, to "overcome natural inhibitors of human sexual response and allow for improved response and psychological effects."
Damiana has also been used in the treatment of Diabetes which also effects sexual health in men.Reducing glucose in the blood sugar.
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