Hayfever Season
Below is a list of common symptoms experienced by hay fever sufferers.They are broken down as a guide towards a homeopathic remedy which may improve your condition.Find the group of symptoms which best describe how hay fever effects you and the then consider the remedy opposite as a possible aid.
This is given only as a guide but you should always consult your GP or Holistic Practitioner for further help and precise advice.

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ALLIUM CEPA:Nose and eyes stream.Frequent and severe sneezing.Worse in the morning,indoors.

ARSEN ALB:Nose tickles violently.Sneezing violent and painful with watery burning discharge,making upper lip sore.

EUPHRASIA:Eyes burn,itch and water constantly.Runny nose with much sneezing.

GELESIUM:Violent sneezing with blocked nose.Face hot and flushed.

MIXED POLLEN:General remedy where condition is allergic reaction to pollen.

NAT MUR:Copious catarrh and sneezing,often with cold sores or mouth ulcers.

NUX VOM:Irritation of the nose,eyes,face and throat with prolonged bouts of sneezing.

PULSATILLA:Copious thick catarrh and sneezing.Relieved by open air.

SILICEA:Sinusitis with blocked,stuffy nose.Worse on first waking.

RHINODORON NASAL SPRAY:For clearing,moisturising and caring for nasal passages,particularly in cases of dry nasal mucosa and build up of dry crusts.

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